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WT Financial Group is an ASX-listed (WTL) diversified financial services company that contains two distinct channels, being their primary business-to-business (B2B) operations under Wealth Today Pty Ltd subsidiary and brand; and their complementary direct to consumer (or B2C) operations under Spring Financial Group brand.

Diversified exposure to financial services.

The Company’s advice and product offerings are delivered primarily through a group of independently-owned financial advice practices operating as authorised representatives under the Wealth Today Pty Ltd and Sentry Group Pty Ltd subsidiaries. WT Financial Group also deliver a range of services directly to clients through our Spring Financial Group brand.

The Spring FG Funds Management Pty Ltd and Spring FG Realty Pty Ltd subsidiaries are the investment and asset managers of the Specialist Residential Impact Fund.

WT Financial Group also operates a range of “fintech” services including our mymoney247 personal financial management platforms and offers financial education and market information services for advisers and consumers through the operation of our wealthadviser.com.au website which houses a library of more than 100 eBooks.


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