Research Packages

Research Packages

 Introductory Package


  • An Initiation research report.
  • Inclusion in Sharecafe webinar series x 2. 
  • A zoom video interview with a key executive.
  • A feature article written by a journalist.
  • Designated ShareCafe company page.
  • Investor, Adviser and Fund Manager distribution.


Premium Package

– 12 month package that includes the following

    • Initiation research report with full valuation.
    • Two research report updates.
    • Your choice of four flash reports ( see below ).
    • Inclusion in Sharecafe webinar series x 2.
    • Single company due diligence webinar. 
    • Stocks of the hour coverage.
    • Designated ShareCafe company page.
    • Investor, Adviser and Fund Manager distribution.

    Initiation reports

    An initiation report provides an overview of the business, the industry it operates in, the management team, its financial performance and risks. The purpose of the research is to provide investors with an easily accessible concise report from which they can quickly establish a knowledge base of the company.

    CCR equity research reports are not intended to be marketing documents, their reports are based on objective, verifiable facts and analysis. The intention is to make potential investors comfortable that they have enough information in which to make an informed investment decision. CCR will ensure that their equity research reports convey an accurate source of information about the company to enable investors to have a transparent overview of both the risks and rewards of an investment in the company. The reports will use clear, transparent and easily understood language. 


    Flash reports

    Flash reports are summaries of key financial and operational data of a business and can help companies communicate key performance indicators to current and prospective investors.

    These reports can give a good indication of how a company is doing on a more frequent basis and can be used to communicate key performance indicators (KPI’s).

    These reports can be delivered via the following channels – analyst zoom interview , journalist article and key executive zoom video interviews.

    The frequency of these reports depends on the dynamism of your business. As a result, the frequency can be anything from monthly to quarterly.

    Navigating Covid-19 and beyond

    Post COVID-19, CEO’s can no longer justify communicating with their shareholders via traditional means, especially if those methods may become obsolete at times. Technology is continually delivering new cost-effective ways to reach shareholders.

    The permanent solution is employing digital communication strategies to ensure information is delivered through an engaging and cost effective channel. Through these channels data can be delivered that measures the effectiveness of a company’s message.

    The ultimate piece of content starts with a research report which CCR supports by a package of videos, webinars and articles written by experienced journalists. This content is staged over the year and shared via our distribution partners

    Our distribution partners

    Our audience includes fund managers, brokers, financial advisers, high-net-wealth individuals and retail investors. Our research reports will be made available to these audiences via our partners websites.

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