Kazia Therapeutics (ASX: KZA) is an Australian oncology company developing high-impact drugs for cancer. paxalisib, which is being developed to treat glioblastoma, the most common and most aggressive form of primary brain cancer in adults, is their lead product.

In this video, Kazia CEO Dr James Garner spoke with Share Café Managing Director Tim McGowen to discuss the latest news from the company.

Key points in the video:

  • The significance of the new collaboration with the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute and how it fits in with other clinical trials involving paxalisib
  • The way in which Kazia engages with externally-sourced investigative work such as this to ensure maximum benefit to all parties
  • How results from similar trials and subsequent FDA approvals for other companies’ products affects the prospects of paxalisib ever coming to market
  • Kazia’s strategy over the next 6-12 months